Decisive Action Games

1.  Command:

     -infantry, tank and assault gun companies;

     -artillery batteries;

     -combat engineer platoons;

     -reconnaissance detachments;

     -anti-tank gun or tank destroyer platoons;

     -forward air controllers; and

     -platoons of deadly 88mm FLAK guns.

2.  Establish command relationships to create combined-arms groupings.

3.  Lay and breach minefields.

4.  Call in air and artillery support.

5.  Command or fight against a choice of 159 British, French, German, Polish and Soviet unit types.

6.  Fight 9 campaigns, including a 1939 -1945 Grand Campaign.

7.  Fight 25 stand-alone battles in Poland, France and Low Countries and on the Eastern Front.

8.  Create your own battles using an editor.

Maneuver Warfare trailer:






Tutorial playthrough:

Command a regimental panzergrenadier battle group through individual battles or in campaigns, including a grand campaign that takes you from the first shots fired on 1st September 1939 to the final battles of 1945..