Decisive Action Games

1.  Command:

     -infantry, tank and assault gun companies;

     -artillery batteries;

     -combat engineer platoons;

     -reconnaissance detachments;

     -anti-tank gun or tank destroyer platoons;

     -forward air controllers; and

     -platoons of deadly 88mm FLAK guns.

2.  Name and follow the careers of your battle group's commanders as they are promoted between battles and receive medals for battlefield performance.  

3.  Establish command relationships to create combined-arms groupings.

4.  Lay and breach minefields.

5.  Call in air and artillery support.

6.  Command or fight against a choice of 159 British, French, German, Polish and Soviet unit types.

7.  Fight 9 campaigns, including a 1939 -1945 Grand Campaign.

8.  Fight 25 stand-alone battles in Poland, France and Low Countries and on the Eastern Front.

9.  Create your own battles using an editor.

Maneuver Warfare trailer:






Tutorial playthrough:

Command a regimental panzergrenadier battle group through individual battles or in campaigns, including a grand campaign that takes you from the first shots fired on 1st September 1939 to the final battles of 1945..