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Maneuver Warfare Update 1.15, 14 April 2021


-unit ammunition status differentiates between anti-personnel (indicated as HE ammo) and anti-armor ammunition (indicated as AP ammo). Units will use HE ammo against unarmored targets and AP ammo against armored targets.


Maneuver Warfare Update 1.14, 22 March 2021


-Group movement in pre-set formations. Select a formation at bottom left of the screen, select a battalion and then click on a destination. The units in that battalion will then move in the selected formation. Note that when choosing arrowhead or extended line, maneuver elements will move to the front, HQ elements behind them, and combat support elements in the rear. If you choose column movement, the HQ element will be second in the order of march. This is shown in the attached screenshot, where a regimental battlegroup is advancing towards the Bug River with an armored and an assault gun battalion forward, two infantry battalions following them, and an engineer company moving in depth. All the units are in arrowhead formation with their maneuver elements forward, command elements in the back, and combat support elements in depth.

-Ability to change the Open Fire Policy range by increments of 500. Hold down left "Control" while adjusting the range and it will change by 500 instead of by 100m.

-Improved radio reports. All radio reports will now come in sequence and will not overlap. The only exception will be when you click on a unit – it will respond with its call-sign even if other reports are coming in at that time.


Maneuver Warfare Update 1.13, 26 February 2021


-Formation deployment enabled.  Select a battalion from the unit list, chose a formation, click on the map and all of the battalion's units will deploy. Note that when you select extended line or arrowhead, maneuver elements will deploy in the front, an HQ behind them and combat support elements in depth behind the HQ. If you deploy in single file, the HQ will be 2nd in the order of march.



Maneuver Warfare Update 1.12, 1 February 2021


-Unit info window appears when a unit is selected from the unit list at the bottom left of the screen.

-Commander names can be changed by clicking on them in the unit info window at the top left of the screen.

-Improved map graphics.


Maneuver Warfare Update 1.11, 14 January 2021


-Improved FPS.
-Group movement improved by enabling unit selection using the left "Control" button (keep pressed while selecting units), synchronizing group speed to maintain group formation and removing the requirement for a headquarters element in the group.

-Group deployment of units is enabled.  Select units while pressing the left "Control" button, then left click on the blue deployment zone to deploy them. Note that all selected units' destinations must fall within the deployment zone for the group movement to work - otherwise units will not deploy and will all be deselected.

-Ammunition levels were introduced for non-artillery units. Ammunition used in combat gets resupplied automatically but if a unit is in combat or out of contact with its headquarters, the resupply rate is reduced. Units whose ammunition drops below 10% are forced to ration it so their combat effectiveness is reduced. These changes do not affect artillery units which are assumed to have their own ammunition supply chain that is not controlled by maneuver element headquarters.

-A unit's movement destination marker now stays in place until the unit reaches it or a new destination is selected. A unit's call-sign appears on the destination marker for ease of identification.

-A bug that sometimes required a double click on a unit symbol in the unit selection menu has been removed.

-A bug that made time compression revert to x1 when the game was unpaused was fixed. Now the game will revert to whatever time compression had been set by the player.

-Report windows were reduced in size.
-Font sizes were adjusted so they don't shrink on high-res displays.


Maneuver Warfare Update 1.10, December 2020


-An option to enable a smaller mini-map.

-An additional time compression setting (.1x).

-Platoon commanders get promoted based on experience rather than follow the 1, 2, 3 platoon sequence.

-It is no longer necessary to press a "reorganization complete" button before deploying units on the map. Instead, units can be deployed immediately.


Maneuver Warfare Update 1.09, 7 November 2020


-An option to change the camera speed in the Audio/Graphics Options menu

-Combat sound effects 

-Maneuver boundaries decreased in size to reduce the tunnel effect they created.
-Option to remove the game timer from games where the player is on the offense.
-Unit/commander history window in the post-battle screen. It shows the unit's battle history and follows that of its commanders, indicating at which battles they fought, when they were wounded, awarded medals or promoted. Note the combat history of the company commander in the screenshot as it shows his progress from commander of 1 platoon, through the company second-in-command position and the various promotions, medals and wound badges he received along the way.
-Broken units will withdraw not until their morale recovers but until they are no longer under fire.  Then they will stop while their morale recovers.
-Unit info window shows not only its current pers/veh state but also casualties suffered during this battle. 
-Unit info window stays open the whole time a friendly unit is selected, not just on a mouseover. Enemy unit info window still appears only on mouseovers since you can't select enemy units.
-A window that shows all of your units' casualties durign this battle and their pers/veh states can be called up using the Cas Rep button.
-An option to end a battle and resume the campaign as opposed to simply quitting to the Main Menu.



Maneuver Warfare Update 1.08, 19 October 2020


-Orders pause was added, enabling the player to pause the game while they are issuing orders.

-NATO symbols can be replaced with unit icons in the Sound/Graphics Options menu.
-Commanders are assigned for the entire structure of a unit.  In campaigns, wounded commanders receive the Wound Badge and return to service in the next battle while those who were killed are replaced by new ones or by their subordinates.
-Commanders gain experience in combat.  This is illustrated by medals they receive (Iron Cross II and I class, and Knight's Cross) and provides a unit with a bonus in combat.  Commanders in post-1939 single battles will start with a certain amount of combat experience which depends on the year and on the experience of their unit.
-Units are no longer automatically detected.  Instead, the chance of their detection depends on the distance, type of unit, type of detecting unit and the terrain they are in.
-Open fire policy in the defense can be set so units open fire only at a specified range in order to remain undetected longer and ambush an advancing enemy.  An ambushed enemy will have their ability to fight back significantly reduced for a short period of time, thus enabling the defender to inflict casualties without suffering the full effects of enemy fire.  Of course, the ambush will fail if the defender is spotted, hence the player must weigh the risk of getting spotted against the benefit of letting the enemy get closer.
-squelch sound was removed from radio transmissions to reduce the amount of audio traffic.  It will play only as an acknowledgement of a movement order.
-Artillery, recon and forward air controller units have "Break Contact" as the default reaction to enemy fire.  All other units' default setting is to continue movement.  All these settings can be changed in the "Reaction To Effective Fire" window.
-Corrects "minefield encountered" sound so it plays only once and only if minefield was just detected.
-Campaign maps were inserted in campaign briefings.


Maneuver Warfare Update 1.07, 19 September 2020


-Artillery/air support/minelaying command windows.  The artillery window lets you set the time and duration of a fire mission as well as the ammunition to be used.  The air support window lets you select the type of air mission and its time and the minelaying window sets the location of a minefield.

-A movement command window that lets you program unit reactions to effective enemy fire.  These include breaking contact, holding in place and continuing movement if the unit is moving.

-The enemy reacts to getting outflanked in editor games.

-There is a on option to turn off floating text.

-Sound and graphics settings will be saved between games.

-The Grand Campaign start point can be selected. 

-A destination marker appears when a destination is set.

-MRL fire scatters for an area effect.


Maneuver Warfare Update 1.06,  8 SEPTEMBER 2020


-An in-game battle report that reports casualties and warns when a unit drops down to 50 and 25% strength.

-A post-game battle report that reports casualties sustained by friendly and enemy units during the battle.

-Veteran status given to some units in editor battles starting in 1940.  The later the year of the war, the greater the chance that a unit will have veteran/elite status.

-Friendly unit call sign added to unit info display that appears when the pointer hovers over a unit during a game.

-Button to toggle a 2D/3D view and buttons to adjust the camera angle.  


Maneuver Warfare Update 1.05,  20 AUGUST 2020


-Veteran status given to some units in single battles starting in 1940.  The later the year of the war, the greater the chance that a unit will have veteran/elite status.  For now this applies to single games but will extend to editor games in a later update.

-Two bugs that were created when group movement was implemented were corrected.  One was that the "redeployment complete" and "grouping instructions" buttons appeared in loaded games and the other that battle group lists did not populate in loaded games.


Manuevuer Warfare Update 1.04  


-Group Movement.  Select a battle group using the unit menu at the bottom left of the screen.  Then click on the "Enable Group Movement" button and select units in the grouping that you want to move together.  Then click on a destination on the map and the units will move.  Note that group movement is available only for those battle groups that have a headquarters element.  Manually selecting a unit on the map will disable group movement.  

-Unit Menu.  Located on the bottom left of the screen, the menu identifies all of your battle groups and their component units.  The menu can be minimized using the "X" button attached to it.

-Mini Map minimization option.  The Mini Map can now be minimized using the "X" button attached to it.