Tours 732

In 732 AD, a Muslim army crossed the Pyrenees, razed Bordeaux, pillaged, enslaved, and marched on Tours. The Franks under Charles Martel moved against it, and what became known as the Battle of Tours followed, where the invaders were defeated and their leader killed. Martel's victory halted Muslim expansion in the West and saved European civilization. This documentary tells that story.

Against the Odds

Against the odds tells the relatively unknown story of resistance in Nazi Germany's concentration camps.  Through the stories of former prisoners it shows the incredible strength of the human spirit which could not be broken even in such horrible conditions.  Against The Odds shows different types of resistance that were present and included smuggling medicines, elimination of informers, preparations for rebellions and sabotage in weapons factories.  When talking about the latter, the film outlines the effect it had on the German war effort - especially on the fabled V-1/V-2 "secret weapons".

The film also looks at the assistance which prisoners
received from Polish civilians living near camps located in occupied Poland and the incredible mission of Capt Pilecki, a Polish officer who voluntarily went to Auschwitz in order to set up an underground organisation in that camp.

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Reviews for Against the Odds


“Wonderful Doc!!” - Paul Haber, Discovery Channel Canada.


“…a very valuable addition to the filmed history of World War II… both informative and entertaining.” - Joe Fox, Movies Editor, The Toronto Star.” 


“Insightful and well researched documentary.” - The Montreal Mirror.


“Congratulations!” - J. Kaszuba, Stutthof concentration camp survivor.


“WOW! This is a great DVD. I learned so much and I was so pleasantly surprised by all the information. I am impressed by the quality, your direct approach, the historical and factual information and actual footage. I will be promoting this DVD along with others I feel should be shown in a school setting. It is great to be able to encourage teachers to show young minds the other side of the Holocaust and I thank you for thisÉThis is indeed a welcome addition to our collection. You should be proud.“ - Coral Peterson, Regina Public Library, Canada.


"Wow!  I think it is excellent!  It was very well done – obviously well-researched, and presented in a convincing, direct and interesting manner.  Keep up the great work, and please let us know when you produce another.  This is a great addition to our WWII collection.“ - Devon Murphy-Petersen, Assistant Director, Waukee Public Library, USA.