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Smoke Over The Bosporus series


A brutal rape by a Muslim migrant in Bulgaria serves as the spark that ignites a new war.  An outraged mob burns down a Turkish mosque in Sofia and the Muslim world cries for revenge.  Motivated by resurgent nationalism and religious fervor, the government in Ankara orders Turkey's army across the border.  And not just to avenge the mosque but to rebuild the Ottoman Empire.  

Desperate to avoid a repeat of their previous brutal occupation, the Bulgarians mobilize their forces to make a stand.  Outnumbered and outgunned, their soldiers fight the Turkish mechanized columns advancing into the country while the politicians scramble for outside help.


With Turkey weakened by its invasion of Bulgaria and by a raging Kurdish insurgency, the Greeks decide that the opportunity has come for them to recover northern Cyprus. Special forces men sent to assist the Kurds and an armored thrust into eastern Thrace help to tie the Turkish Army down while Greek marines land on northern Cyprus' beaches to liberate the island. Soon the smoke from burning armored fighting vehicles fills the air as Greece and Turkey are at war once again.


A Stryker company from the Pennsylvania National Guard is on an exercise in Turkey. Everything is going perfectly until war breaks out and what many of the men thought would be an exotic adventure turns into a nightmare. Cut off inside an increasingly hostile country, the National Guardsmen are abandoned by their government which tells them to be patient in the name of big politics. However, when American nuclear weapons in Turkey go missing, the time for patience is over and the Strykers have to act.


As the war between Turkey and Greece rages, sucking in more of the world, a team of US Navy SEALs secretly enters the region. The Americans have to search for the two nuclear bombs stolen from the US airbase at Incirlik before these can be used by terrorists. Not only that, but they must find the bombs before other players hunting for the prize which these represent, do. And this means making the difficult moral choices that come with having to accomplish a mission at any cost.

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"Smoke Over The Bosporus" series Reviews

CounterFact Magazine: 

Jonasz writes exciting combat scenes and lots of them. If you’ve enjoyed this genre of military fiction by the likes of Tom Clancy, John Hackett, Ralph Peters, etc., you’ll feel at home here. Beyond style, Jonasz is always careful to include maps and unit-organizational diagrams for the battles he’s describing and the units fighting in them. That’s a welcome edition that makes following the tactical action much easier than would otherwise be the case. Highly recommended, and all are available on Amazon.

LCol J. Shone, Canadian Army:  

Jonasz provides a plausible geopolitical pretense for war in the Balkans and a highly engaging narrative of the conflict that moves effortlessly from the point of view of a soldier engaged in a running anti-tank battle to the perspective of the general issuing the orders. And everything in between. He describes aerial combat with as much authenticity as submarine warfare and with as much realism as ground combat between heavy mechanized forces. His grasp of weapons and tactics is as sound as his characterization of the soldiers and commanders who come to life (and often to death) in his narrative. By turns I felt I was a Bulgarian sergeant, a Turkish major, and a Russian commodore. Awesome stuff!

Amazon readers:

-Definitely I recommend this book to a LOT of people out there. Whether you're in the military or a civilian, this book is definitely going to entertain you if you like reading stories about wars and tactics or even just to learn about modern warfare. Great read

-The author knows his stuff about modern warfare. The feel of combat, the smell of gunpowder, and some excellent scenarios for wargaming. There is enough information for a game of Fist Full of Tow's or other rules. It was an excellent read in an area of the world that is obscure to most Americans, but makes for some interesting situations. I will absolutely buy the author's other books.

-In light of the nationalist politics of this region, the premise is not out of the question. Fast paced, lots of details for military buffs.

-I got this book based on the recommendation of some one a computer game site, and I was not disappointed, it is a very well written and entertaining book.

-Excellent series, well thought out. Brings out the action and keeps it going. Jonasz does military fiction extremely well. Read it.

-This is a well done book of plausible modern combat between Greece and Turkey. It is a sequel to Smoke on the Bosporus and has to be read in order. Well worth the time and money.
The maps, battles, and characters are well written.


The first year of the greatest conflict that humanity has ever seen. Encouraged by inaction on the part of Britain and France, Hitler decides to send his armies east into Poland. Yes, he knows that the Allies have signed a treaty to support his eastern neighbor in case of war but believes it to be nothing but a bluff. That the Allies will not follow through their promisses. Hence, on the 1st of September, the German armies step off.

Follow the men – the infanteers, the uhlans, the tankers, the pilots and the sailors – who fought on the 1939 battlefields of Poland under the eagle, the swastika or the red star. Follow them as they marched into the storm under that year's hot, September sun.



A team of German special forces troops from the Brandenburg Regiment is sent to Tibet to retrieve an artifact that is supposed to help Nazi Germany win the war.  Led by a ruthless SS officer, they must cross thousands of kilometers of hostile territory by air, sea and land, looking for unlikely allies to help them survive. To complete their mission they must face not only the Allies or deadly storms and blizzards but, the most dangerous of all, betrayal.



Sergeant Bachmann's team of Brandenburg Regiment special forces men gets called into action again. Pulled out of their anti-partisan operations in the Balkans, the troops return to Africa. This time, they head directly into the heart of the continent to track down a biologist at a research facility named Durant Station. They need to reach him because, with the Eastern Front cracking under Soviet pressure, the Brandenbugers' masters have decided that what the scientist is working on can turn the war around for them.



The end of the war is near and Germany's leaders realize they must secure money to rebuild the country once the dust settles. Fortunately, the vaults of the Reichsbank are full of gold that can be used for this purpose and part of it is sent to icy Greenland under the protection of Sergeant Bachmann's team. At first, the men count themselves lucky to leave the Eastern Front for this mission – especially when they find a mysterious cave that hints on riches that could set them up for life. But when the SS, and Soviet and British special forces get involved, the Brandenburgers realize that they might not be all that fortunate.